February 4, 2010

Valentine Gift Idea

My gift to my husband this Valentine's Day is a week of love. Some people like to give fun personalized coupons for holidays, or buy those cute pre-made coupon books, but really, in my experience, no one ever cashes those in. So, instead, things or items that I would have put on a coupon, I am just going to give to my husband one day at a time for a week. It's something he can look forward to every day. His week of love from me. This is so easy, and inexpensive, but I know he'll love it. You can customize it for your significant other.

I made heart shaped envelopes, and put a heart shaped card inside. I hot glued a ribbon on the back of the card to enable him to get the card out of the envelope easier.

Ideas for your cards:

Breakfast in bed
Day off from any fatherly duties (I gave my husband a week off from doing dishes)
Favorite dessert (home made or store bought)
Foot Rub
Back Rub
Movie night of his choice
Favorite Dinner
Surprise him at work with lunch
Free reign of the remote control for a night

I plan on giving my husband his week of love cards at different times of the day to keep him on his toes.

During the week of love you can leave other love notes for him to find, and surprise him with Hershey's hugs and kisses to find in random places.

Tomorrow I will post some Valentine breakfast ideas (you could use for his breakfast in bed), including my new favorite breakfast recipe!

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