January 28, 2010

A gift idea for your Valentine

A long time ago, before diapers and babysitters, my husband and I used to date...

My husband and I decided not to exchange any gifts at Christmas because we got so many big ticket items before Christmas, but I still wanted to get him something. I came across this idea on the How Does She? blog.

So, for Christmas I gave John a membership to the Date of the Month Club. I did it a bit different than how they showed on the blog, but you can totally customize it to fit you.

How I did it:
I bought and wrapped up two calendars. One to use as our family calendar that stays on the fridge, and a mini calendar for John to take to work with him. I printed off two copies of twelve dates typed on mailing labels. John could then choose the day of the month to put one of the dates on. I gave him a mini calendar to take to work, so he could look forward to our dates all year at work too! We have our first date from our Date of the Month Club this Saturday!

This would make a great Valentine's Day gift as well, especially if you want to do something that is inexpensive and shows a little more thought. I love gifts of the heart.

1 comment:

  1. Yea for the How Does She shout out. My sister would be so happy! The date nights are such a great idea.


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