December 18, 2009

Place mat Pillows

Oh, the many things we can do with place mats. Why should the table be the only place they can be enjoyed?

This week, I made a holiday pillow for my bedroom out of a place mat.

You can do it yourself, and you really don't even need a sewing machine!

Step #1: Place mats are usually made up of two pieces of fabric sewn together. Every now and then, they aren't, but most of the time they are. Use a seam ripper (or really pointy scissors) to take apart a seam wide enough to stick your hand through (that's really all you need).

Step #2: Stuff it!

Step #3: Stitch your open seam closed.

Step #4: Enjoy your handiwork!

This pillow cost me $3.19. I already had the stuffing on hand. That's a pretty cheap accessory!

I've also framed a place mat for my bathroom.

Oh, the decorating possibilities!

1 comment:

  1. Holly, I missed checking on your blog during Christmas break. Suggestion: I've used cloth napkins for pillows, also.


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