March 16, 2015

Tupperware Cabinet Organizer DIY

Do you have one of those cabinets like I did with random storage containers where you could never find the right lid for the right container??  I solved my problem and made the OCD part of me very happy.

I couldn't find my before pictures, and the product label picture for the mesh organizer, so you just get the final pictures.

What I did:

I bought a small mesh organizer and cut the bottom off to fit the length of my cabinet.  Then I gathered it in width wise  to fit the cabinet door's width and safety pinned it to hold it in place.  That showed me where to place my sticky hooks (dollar store score!).  Then, any other person but me, should take the organizer and sew it in place with a sewing machine.  However, I'm an instant gratification person, so I loaded up the organizer and then left it pinned like that for almost a year, before recently sewing it by hand to keep it in place. 

Showing the gathered section pinned
Then I sewed it very sloppily by hand.  A nice machine stitch would have looked nicer.  Oh well, who cares. 

My nicely stacked cabinet, with another container to hold the larger lids.  

The small containers go on the top, then in the sections below I put circle lids in one section and square lids in the other section.  It makes it easier for my kids to pack their lunches and find the right containers! 

You know, I've had to instruct John and Trevan multiple times on how to place the lids and stack the containers (like stacking blocks!), but it is so much better than how it was before!  It's the little things!! 

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