December 26, 2014

Refashion Friday

So, I'm really sad... I just spent an hour looking for the before picture of this and can't find it! Agh!

Anyway, last year I took a skirt that my sister gave me and was determined to make it into a Christmas dress for Mallary.

This was by far the longest I have ever spent on a project - any project! It almost convinced me to never try and make anything without a pattern again... almost. It was the biggest pain in my rear. AND THEN, not even kidding, Mallary wouldn't wear it last year. She was Christmas dress less last year because she absolutely refused.

Fast forward to this year and I literally had to pay Mallary to wear this dress. She tried to get the payment up to ten dollars - um, fail. I paid her one fat dollar. Seriously, she's bananas. Anyway, here's her free Christmas dress! (I already had the fabric for the black parts of her dress)


  1. Awesome! Love how it turned out:) That's funny that you had to pay her. You do what ya gotta do, right??


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