December 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Flower Arrangment

We had Thanksgiving at my sister in laws house this year, and at the last minute I thought I would make a little hostess gift to take.  I had a free pumpkin to use and I got some flowers for three bucks and decided to make a little arrangement. 

I remember reading in an Etiquette book once that flowers weren't a good hostess gift because the host/hostess has to stop what they are doing in their preparations to find a vase to put them in - so it's kind of a hassle (but, whatever!).  So, I thought by bringing them already in something that would be okay, or if she already had a centerpiece planned for her table she could put it somewhere else in her house. 

I just cut open the pumpkin, pulled the guts out, sprinkled the fresh flower pack in, put in a little water, cut of the flowers to the right height and stuck them in the pumpkin!  So easy.  


  1. I think it was pretty safe bet that I wouldn't have a centerpiece planned!! Ha ha. I was going to have the kids scrounge for pinecones in the yard, but I didn't even get around to that! Sophie made the leaves of her own accord. She was probably switched at birth too, along with Kate/Trevan.
    It was very nice - not sure if in the chaos I managed to thank you properly. And I was wondering about the water- wasn't sure if I should put some in or not. I didn't, but they still lasted a while. And the best part was that there was no vase to wash later - whole thing just went on the compost pile!


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