November 21, 2013

Bed Skirt Fix

Was I the only one that had serious issues with my bed skirt?? I was finally tired of it being twisted or not straight. I had heard about doing push pins a long time ago, but just had never taken the time to do it... What was my problem?!

Last month, I cleaned and moved around my bedroom; cleaned the walls, blinds, deep cleaned bedding, etc. It was the perfect opportunity to try out the push pins. It worked great!!

You guys, I even put the king sized mattress back on the box springs by myself (they are HEAVY!) and the bed skirt didn't even budge a centimeter!  

I kick myself for waiting so long to fix it!

*Something not so funny - I washed my bed skirt and it shrunk...  The fabric was just cotton and polyester so it should have been fine even though it says dry clean only.  It probably shrunk because they didn't wash the fabric before sewing the bed skirt.  Lame.  So, I will cut along the edge of the white part of the bed skirt to be able to move the black-ish part closer to the edge of the bed skirt.  I think I was too tired to have figured that out the day I was putting the push pins in.  Always something to do around here!!

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