March 9, 2012

Refashion Friday

Fridays from now on will be dedicated to clothing refashions... at least until the huge pile I have to refashion is gone!

I have been up cycling clothes since before it was "cool."  In college I had some of the most hideous skirts that I made from my old dresses.  I mean, I even used YARN as a drawstring on more than one occasion when I ran out of elastic...  When I think about me doing that it still makes me laugh!  I've come a long way. 

Three years ago, one of my uncles was at one of my craft shows, and I was showing him the stuff I made, and what I made it out of, and he asked, "Do you ever throw anything away?"  I just laughed.  But, for real if I can think of another purpose for it then it stays.  Much to my husbands dismay!

So, my first refashion post is of one of my old bathing suits.  I've had this idea to make Mallary a swim suit out of it for a long time, and finally did it!  Unfortunately, I didn't have enough material (surprisingly...) to do what I wanted, and I really had to stretch it to make it work. 

Here is the before and after: 

The back:
Added up cycle?  I used elastic from a fitted sheet I ripped up for fabric a while back for the elastic in the swim bottoms and the arm pit part in the top!  Waste not want not!  :)

The front ruffles didn't quite turn out how I wanted, but I am too lazy to go back and fix them....

Seriously, my pile to refashion is ridiculous, and it is taking up so much space.  I really shouldn't have to buy any clothes for Mallary, if I just get through my refashion pile!!!  So, I'm excited! Now Refashion Fridays will give me motivation to get through my stash!

I know you're so excited that you're going out to dinner to celebrate...

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  1. Love it Holly! Too cute and "free" my favorite combination:)


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