January 12, 2011

Asparagus Ribbon Pasta Dinner

Here's another recipe I cut out from a magazine a long time ago. I actually didn't cut out the recipe, but just the picture of the asparagus ribbons.

I just added Alfredo sauce to chicken, pasta, and the asparagus.

Making the ribbons tips:

1. If the asparagus has been cooked too long, they don't peel, they just smash together. I had two bunches of asparagus I cooked together that were different sizes, which led to unevenly cooked asparagus.

2. I had quite a few ribbon rejects that I didn't want to serve in the dish, but were perfect for omelets and a quiche. So, plan on making a recipe for breakfast the next day using your rejects.

3. It was a little trickier making these, than I thought it would be, and don't know if it is worth it to do again. But, to make them just for garnishes would be fun.

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