December 3, 2009

Holiday Meal Idea

I had a pork tenderloin I needed to use, and decided to make up my own recipe for a stuffed pork loin. I had a few setbacks - the tenderloin was cut in half already when I opened the package causing me not to have as thick of pork to work with, I didn't feel like finding my kitchen string (it's such a multi-purpose item that it could be anywhere in my house or work room...) so my pork didn't stay rolled very well, and I didn't have an orange to use for the sauce and chutneys like I wanted to (so I subbed with canned mandarin oranges, which was fine, though not as strong a flavor, but still fine).

I made a sausage, cran-apple stuffing to stuff the pork with and cooked it covered in cranberry sauce, and made a cran-apple chutney to serve it with.

You can make your own with your own choice of seasonings, stuffing, or sauce.

Butterfly your pork loin, beat it with your meat tenderizer, and season it to your liking. I ran out of time to be too creative and just used salt and pepper.

Make a stuffing. I was going to make my own from scratch, but knew I wouldn't have time, so I used the pork stuffing mix. You could just stop there, but I wanted to add some spice to it, so I added; a cooked apple, minced onions, garlic, cooked sweet Italian sausage, and about one fourth of my homemade cranberry sauce (you could use canned, I just like to add other flavors to mine).

Spread stuffing on pork, roll up pork, tie it with string, cover it with your remaining cranberry sauce. You could use any sauce, or even a jar of preserves (apricot), or even apple cider (I've done apple butter). Bake @350 for 45 - 60 minutes depending on the size of the pork and how thick or thin you made it.

STEP FOUR: Make a sauce to serve with it, or you could do the same sauce you bake the pork in. I just made a different sauce because I wanted to experiment a little.


It's so fun to create your own recipes. You start with the basics and add in new flavors you like!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like it turned out well!

    Pork tenderloin (small and pricier) usually comes two in a package. Pork loin (cheaper) is the bigger cut, and so is easier for stuffing. Sounds like you must have bought the tenderloin. A lot of times I hear people call pork loin "tenderloin" but technically it's not.


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