February 4, 2021

Show the love


Honestly, today as I put out these Valentine envelopes I made 11(!) years ago, I really wasn't feeling the love... 

When I made these, I had grand ideas of family members leaving kind things for each other. I thought John and I would leave notes or treats for the kids every day during the month of February.  I'm just a few days late putting them out, and I'm honestly not feeling very generous in giving things to my bickering, loud, squealing children right now.  (AND, I'm a little behind because Everett and Bailee still don't have one. I'll get right on that...)

Though, when we sat down to dinner tonight after a less than thrilling day, Everett said, "Mom, there's a card and candy in your envelope." He had written a cute note on an index card and found some leftover Christmas candy and put it in my envelope.  So, he's sweet, and well, I guess that's the whole point of them.  In the past, when John left things in the envelope for all of us, he would always sign them "From, Romeo."  The kids always got a big kick out of it and they actually thought there was a Valentine's elf named, Romeo. 

There's a link to my tutorial for these in the first sentence of this post.  Or, if you don't want to make some, you can order some to set out for your family.  There are some fun ones on Amazon that you can order and they can double as a craft project for your kids!  I figured since a lot of kids still aren't in school, it would be extra fun for families to do this.  

Here's some super cute ideas I found on Amazon:

Here's some big felt envelopes already made!

How cute would these be with names added to them?!  You could put them on kids doors, or add ribbon like mine and hang them over chairs. 

Oh, my word! How cute would this be?!? Each family member can have an envelope and it would double as decor! Genius! 

Or, you can buy the whole kit that comes with Valentine's and the box! One stop shop!

Happy love month!  If you've got good ideas of how your family shows the love during February please share!

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