October 16, 2015

Emergency DIY Sock Bun

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My sock bun made from a plastic grocery bag in our vacation rental in Hawaii.

Just call me a modern day McGyver Mom.  I came across these pictures on my phone and they make me laugh!!  When I was in Hawaii, I realized I forgot my sock bun.  My hair is so thin now that when I put it in a bun it is so tiny, so I usually use a DOUBLE sock bun to make it look thicker.  Well, I didn't pack my sock bun, and got the idea to make one out of a grocery bag.  Yes, I wore a plastic bag in my hair.  Here are the steps;

First, I tore a hole in the bottom of the grocery bag.

You can see the hole in this picture better

Then I rolled it up like you would to make your own sock bun. 
Then I wrapped them around my fingers to make a smaller circle.

Here's my little grocery bag sock bun

The circle loosened up a bit when I put it around my ponytail, so I had to tighten it again, just like you would a hair tie putting your hair in a ponytail.

This was a little later in the day, but not too shabby for a trash bag!  LOL

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