March 26, 2014

Fortune Cookie Invitations Tutorial

We had a Chinese New Year Party this year, and I'll blog more about that later. My sister also had one, and she was going to make homemade fortune cookies and I didn't have time for that (she ended up not having time for it either...) so I made paper ones. I looked up a few different ones on Pinterest, (this one), and used some hot glue and here we go!

You will be celebrating the Chinese New Year - Year of the Horse - with friends.  Confucius say leave your kids at home and bring your favorite Chinese dish or take out to share.  Lucky Numbers: 1-31-2014, 7:00
1.  After cutting out your desired circles and printing off your fortunes, take your circle and just crease it in half at the middle point.
2.  Lay your circle flat put your fortune vertical to the crease you made (forming a 'T' with the crease).
3.  Put hot glue on one side

4.  Fold over circle and press at glue point.

5.  Hold circle at glue point, and press gently at your previously make crease to form the fortune cookie shape.

6.  Put a tiny dollop of glue to keep the fortune cookie together.  Don't make fun of my nasty glue gun!  It's my favorite and that little thing has made me quite a few dollars! ;) I do actually have a fancy battery operated one, but this one is my go to!
7.  Hold sides together for a minute until glue has dried.

All done!  So easy!  So fun!

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