January 20, 2014

Mini Graduation Cap Headband Tutorial

In December, a few friends and I went out to dinner to celebrate one of our friends getting her degree. I wanted to make her a big graduation cap, but that day I ran out of time and motivation so I made a little mini graduation cap headband instead! I loved how it turned out, and it looked super cute on her!

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Mini Graduation Cap Headband Tutorial
(This is not an exact measurement kind of tutorial...) 

1.  I cut out a square (roughly) piece of cardboard, and then a more rectangular piece of black felt.

2.  I attached a button to the center of the black felt.

3.  I hot glued, the felt onto the cardboard to cover it and make the top of the cap.

4.  I then cut the base of the cap - I cut out a thin strip of cardboard and then enough felt to fold around it. 

5.  I sewed up the felt, then turned it right side out and slid the cardboard base into it.

6.  I then sewed the ends of the base together by hand.

7.  I attached the base of the cap to a headband using hot glue.

8.  Then I added the tassel, and my daughter modeled it for me (unwillingly) to make sure it would work.

This is would be so fun for a graduation party!!

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