December 10, 2013

Copy Cat Snow Globe - Tutorial

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I've seen the snow globes that you can make out of a mason jar, but I had never seen them like this until I saw it on a friend's Instagram widget on her blog that she took at some festival or something.  Immediately I knew we would be making these for family night, and we did!  (Trust me, our family home evening nights are NEVER this involved!)

I knew my kids would enjoy shopping for and picking out their little figures.  I had to reign in my nine year old son because he wanted to put everything and the kitchen sink in his.  He had to have birds in his trees even though they weren't going to be "to scale."  They really enjoyed it, and fought over the snow in the store, of course!

This is a cheap project if you have bowls/containers already lying around your house!

I love that each globe represents each of my kids so well...

We had something else picked out for my three year old, but when I saw this train I knew I had to do it!  He LOVES it.  He was a bit sad for a second when he realized he wasn't going to be able to pull the train around anymore after being put inside the snow globe.. 

I realized this morning that this is so appropriate for my six year old daughter - always picking on her brothers (everyone)!

This represents my nine year old, happy go lucky!

Snow Globe Tutorial

Fish bowl (or any clear container - could be plastic for the little ones)
Foam board
Hot glue gun (and glue sticks!)
Little figurines and trees (Now is a good time to get them - they are 60%, but slim pickings!)
Puffy Paint (I wasn't sure they even made this anymore, but they do!)

1.  Trace the opening of your container - then cut it out inside the line a bit. You kind of have to play with this.

2.  Glue your figures to the foam board.

3.  Put a pile of snow in the middle of your foam board, kind of piled up in the center.

4.  Put hot glue around the rim of your container.

5.  This picture is kind of misleading because first I actually put the bowl on top of the foam board while the foam board is on the counter and press to make a seal, then if I have to adjust any I pick it up and do so.  That's what the picture shows below. I use hot glue to seal up any cracks in between the foam board and the container.

6.  Then, I put the puffy paint (snow) around the bottom and any foam board still visible.

7.  Leave upside down to dry.

8.  Three drying snow globes!

9.  After dried, shake and enjoy! 

**  I wasn't sure I was going to like this snow once I opened it, but I like how some sticks to the container making it look like it is always flurrying inside!!  Love!

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