November 16, 2013

House Party Hasbro Game Night

Have you heard of House Party? Well, you basically sign up to try and host parties and companies send you their product to create some buzz about it. I recently got a Hasbro Game Night Party.

They sent us some games and these Cheetos!!!!!! You guys they are my new favorite!!  They are natural - with no added gunk to it!!  I was skeptical but very impressed!  I love having a healthier option than potato chips or something!  Seriously, they are so good!  I could put away a bag of these things... Or should that read - I put away bags of these things????

I remember when I was in college I couldn't understand why you couldn't buy frozen wheat bread at the grocery store and now you obviously can.  I think most snacks can be made healthier, but people are just now catching on!

I made a smaller version of this dice cake for the party:

We played Taboo, Funny or Die, and the kids loved Draw Something:  (I think the adults would have liked it too!)

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