August 28, 2013

Packing Kids Lunch

It is so hard to pack my kids lunches everyday!  There are only so many things you can pack in a lunch, and only so many things my kids will actually eat in a lunch. I stopped buying sandwich bags a while ago, and with two kids now in school I don't have enough little plastic containers to pack both of their lunches. So, I went on a hunt in a hurry after school started to find something. I know there are other things out there, but this is what I found. (I'm an instant gratification person, if I go shopping for something, I want to come home with it that day!) This was 7.97 at Wal-Mart.

It has an ice pack, dividers, and a little container to put fruit dip or vegetable dip in - BONUS!!!  You can go to Rubbermaid's website and purchase them straight from there for a little more money, they also have some other options to fit different size lunch boxes...  SEE HERE.

Here is the top of Mallary's lunch:

Trevan's lunch today:  Pineapple, carrots, and a cookie on the top part.

Below that is his sandwich cut in the shape of a puzzle.  Underneath the napkin it is resting on are Doritos.

It fits inside his lunch box perfectly - with room to spare for a water bottle or even another container if needed!

My life just got a little easier!


  1. Good deal! I saw those yesterday at Martins's, but they were about $9.99.
    For dips/ketchup, Wal-mart has tiny disposable cups and lids (like the kind at fast food restaurants). They are in the section with the plastic forks.
    Also, I discovered that Wal-mart has 4 packs of cheapo stainless forks and spoons for less than $1. I think they were 88 cents. I started doing that, and now I don't have to buy the plastic ones. They are so cheap that it's no big deal if one gets lost.

  2. What a good idea for the disposable cups with lids!!!!!!!! Can the girls not use the forks/spoons from school? I have my old stainless ones from college that T took for his lunch last year, and I think I forgot to pack one once and he told me he just got one from the table with napkins and forks for the lunch line...

  3. I don't know!! Never thought of that!! I'll ask. I bet they would let them once in a while but not all the time.


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