August 30, 2013

A summer evening wedding reception

My niece got married very recently, and I was lucky enough to help plan her wedding reception!! She chose her colors (gray and yellow with a little bit of blue and coral), and pinned a few pictures on Pinterest to give us a start. She said was she wanted lots of candles, to keep it simple but nice, and she wrote underneath a pin baby's breath. So, we went off of those few things, and this is how it turned out!  I wish I had taken more picture, but I had other things I had to do!

Coming into where the reception was held - we lined the path with garden hooks and ceramic vases hung by ribbon filled with gorgeous flowers!
I was so sad when I realized I hadn't taken any pictures outside until the reception was almost over!  It was already dark so this was the best I got...

When I saw that my niece had mentioned baby's breath, I immediately thought of these wreaths I had seen on Pinterest, and we had them made. 
Loved these baby's breath wreaths hung by satin ribbon

Inside the doorway was the sign in table with a traditional guestbook with a picture of the bride and groom
The bride and groom in real life!  Look at her gorgeous dress!
Basket for the cards on the gift table - I dug in the trash for some of those flowers to put there...
The Decor:

Bistro Tables - Do you see the hanging flowers????

A view of the inside from one side of the room.
Candles - Check!

More baby's breath - Check!

I suggested to my sister in law that she look at the farmers market for some of the flowers, and she ended up getting the flowers for the large tables there - GORGEOUS! (and the place smelled wonderful because of them too!)
Each table had a picture of the bride and groom

I had a vision for these hanging from the ceiling around the cake table - due to weight and other hanging issues they weren't hung there, but at least we got them hung up!!  It was quite an adventure to say the least...

FOOD:  The bride chose the food - she wanted to keep it simple.  It was the perfect assortment.
Dessert Table
Brownie Tarts
Cupcakes the same as the wedding cake
Can't beat lemonade and strawberry lemonade on a summer evening!
Her pretty cake!
Do you see the pretty wreaths in the windows??

The bride also wanted country ham rolls (a favorite of her family), and mini chicken salad croissants.
More pictures of my fruit, vegetable, and cheese display HERE

Her favor was a candy bar with the bride and grooms favorite candy.
The sad part - taking down all the decorations.  I didn't get a before picture, but an after picture is just as good - we really made that place look great!!!


  1. This is all beautiful Holly! I think I've been to that same place for another reception. Maybe? Anyway, I love all the flowers and your fruit/vegetable/cheese display is gorgeous. You are so talented! :) I'll have to start following your blog...just followed a link on facebook today and started looking through it.


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