March 13, 2012

Pizza Factory Breadsticks Copy Cat Recipe

Trust me, this picture does not do these breadsticks justice!  They were super yummy!!

My sister in law was visiting when I made them, and she kept asking if I was going to make some more while she was here, and I did.  These will definitely be made over and over again in our house! 

When John and I lived in Utah, our second apartment together was near a Pizza Factory restaurant.  Our favorite thing was their breadsticks!  When I was pregnant with Trevan we would stop in and order breadsticks with alfredo dipping sauce take out and eat them for dinner with a rotisserie chicken from Wal-Mart.  Those were the days... 

I was so excited to see this recipe on Pinterest...  Even more excited when I made them and they were delicious!!  Pretty close to the real thing!!!  The only thing is the Pizza Factory served their breadsticks in a little vase thingy so the breadsticks are standing up by the dowels in them.  Our breadsticks never made it to the table... 

The only thing I changed in this recipe was the butter mixture you brush on them after they bake.  I had just used the last of my seasoned salt that it called for, and it also called for rosemary, but I didn't remember their breadsticks having rosemary on them, and sometimes if there is too much rosemary I feel like I'm eating a Christmas tree.  Anyway, so I made up my own mixture, and I think it turned out pretty delicious!!!!! 

Pizza Factory Breadsticks - Copy Cat Recipe:

1 T. yeast
2 T. sugar
1 1/2 C. warm water
1 T. oil
1 tsp. salt
3 1/2 C. flour

3/4 C. melted butter - divided
1/2  tsp. garlic salt
1/2 tsp. parsley

1 T. Parmesan cheese

8 - 1/4 inch wooden dowels cut into 18 inch lengths (craft store)

Mix the yeast, sugar and water and let sit for a couple of minutes to dissolve the yeast. Add the oil, salt and flour and knead by hand or with your mixer with a dough hook for about 5 minutes.

Cover and let rise until double.

Divide dough into 8 equal parts.

Lightly flour your hands and roll the dough into about an 16-18 inch long "snake". Moisten the top of your dowel and begin wrapping the dough around loosely. Moisten a little where the breadstick will end too. Pinch to secure the dough at the top and bottom. Leave about 5 inches at the end of the dowel, if you are using the longer dowels if you will be serving them standing up. 
Hang over the edge of a 9x13 inch cake pan with all of the dough inside the pan.  I used two pans.

Let them rise until doubled.

Brush with 1/4 C. melted butter.

Heat oven to 375. Bake at 375 for about 15- 20 minutes or until just golden.

Meanwhile mix the remaining 1/2 C. melted butter, seasonings and parmesan cheese.
When the breadsticks come out of the oven, brush them with the seasoned melted butter mixture.


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