January 19, 2012


There aren't many foods that I really don't like, but pancakes happen to be one of them. Everyone has always said that my dad makes the best pancakes, and they are pretty fluffy, but I'm just not a fan of pancakes, period. I mean, I'll eat them, they just aren't my favorite.  If I eat them I like eating them with sausage and syrup, or a fruity syrup, you know, to hide that I'm eating pancakes...  However, my son, Trevan LOVES them...

A while back, I bought a bunch of whole wheat flour on sale for .99 cents a bag, which are all now expired. I am not throwing it away! So, on Monday, John helped me make a TON of pancakes out of the wheat flour to have on hand for breakfasts. It's tons cheaper than cereal, and I like that I'll already have them handy to warm up in the mornings. We have a huge freezer bag full of pancakes in the freezer. I just love the feeling of being on top of things!!

We made some with blueberries, some with chocolate chips, and some plain.  The kids didn't even say anything about them being made with wheat flour, score! 

Just a tiny portion of all the crazy pancakes!

We were visiting my brother, and my sister in law made pancakes, that I actually kind of liked.  So, I make her recipe now (while feeling like a traitor to my dad... oh well).  It's super easy!

Mary Kathryn's Pancakes

1 1/2 c. flour
3 T sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 3/4 t. baking powder

Mix the above ingredients together.  Then add the following ingredients and beat well. 

1 egg
1 1/4 c. milk
3 T. melted butter

Grease up your griddle and cook those pancakes up!  Add your favorite mix ins if desired! 
 A few things:  If you want super fluffy, light pancakes like my dad makes, you just take the egg/s in your pancake recipe and beat the egg white and egg yolk separately, then fold in your egg white to the batter at the end.  I'm just too lazy to do it, but it does make your pancakes lighter and fluffier.  I've also used buttermilk instead of milk in this recipe but there really wasn't that huge of a difference to prefer one over the other.

No need to wonder what we're having for breakfast for the next few months...  Woo Hoo!

P.S.  Here is my #1 Pancake Tip with kids:  Use a pizza cutter to cut up the pancakes (and french toast...)!  I just don't have the patience to cut it with a knife and fork.  A pizza cutter is perfect, and super duper fast and easy!  You are welcome!!

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