January 31, 2012

Heart Attack Brownies

I've decided that Tuesday will be dedicated to my love affair with Pinterest.  I've tried so many recipes that I've seen on there, and I will share the good ones! 

I got the idea for these brownies from Pinterest, which were pinned from HERE

When John saw what I was making, he wasn't very happy.  (What?? I know, right?)  He's like, why are you putting three desserts into one??

He has affectionately named these brownies, Heart Attack Brownies. 

For this recipe, you could totally make everything from scratch, and then just put it together the same, and though I'm a from scratch kind of gal, I am definitely not opposed to whipping out ready made ingredients now and then like, brownie mixes, and cookie dough...

Heart Attack Brownie Recipe

1 roll of cookie dough
1 brownie mix prepared

Press your cookie dough in a 9x13 pan.  Lay oreos on top (though if I make this again, i will crush them into chunky pieces), top with brownie batter.  Cook  at 350 degrees until brownies are cooked to your desired gooiness. 

I couldn't give you an easier dessert recipe than this...  Though they may give you a heart attack...

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