November 8, 2010

Halloween Party

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I have always wanted to have a Halloween party. I wanted to do one this year, but considering I never even got my Halloween decorations out, there was a slim chance of one happening. A friend mentioned that she wanted to do one too, but didn't know if she had time either. I told her I would help her do one, if she could organize it. I wouldn't mind co-hosting, but I knew I couldn't wrap my head around putting a whole party together.

It was so fun, and pretty great for pulling a party together with not a ton of planning time!

Here's a run down on the party:
(As with almost every party, I once again only took pictures of a few people before putting my camera away. Oops. I apologize if you don't make an appearance in this post, but you made an appearance at the party...)

This is the host Meaghan.

My husband's costume was an Iphone. Really... He wanted me to be a Blackberry Curve; "...we've got blackberries, and you've got curves..." True story. You should have heard his other costume suggestions. All equally as silly...
Meaghan had a lot of fun decorations that I didn't get pictures of. All three levels of her house had spooky decor. I should have taken a picture of the scary man hanging over the shower rod.

One of my favorites! Candles that drip blood! She was so nice and gave me two candles to use next year!

She had this posted in her kitchen. I love it!

The only decor I had any part of were the platters and the name tags for the food. So, not a whole lot. I also was in charge of coming up with names for the food. For the place cards, I downloaded a blood dripping font and brushed the edges of the cards with my red stamp pad to make it look like smeared/splattered blood. I took little skulls, cut slits in the top and put the tags in that. If there is one thing I love about a gathering, it's fun name/food/place cards! I loved how they turned out!

Meaghan and her mom did amazing food.

Tri-tip sliders

Pork carnitas

Lentil sliders

Italian Cheese Dip

Fun veggie trays

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Doughnuts baked in mini muffin tins, I just put the crazy eye part
on according to Meaghan's instructions.
I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and white chocolate cream cupcakes with a white chocolate spider web.

I also made caramel and chocolate covered apples. I had been wanting to try cinnamon and sugar ones for a while now, and finally did it! So yummy! They are going to be Christmas gifts this year!
With the leftover caramel from the apples I wrapped up individual caramels.

I was in charge of the drinks. I decided to go along with a witches workshop theme idea and do different punches. You can't tell in this picture, but the Rotten Eyeballs actually had peeled grapes in the Apple Cider. The Monster Mucous looked the coolest. I'll include the recipe:

Classic Sherbet Punch:
Two containers of lime sherbet (quart sized)
One large bottle of chilled pineapple juice
Two and one half liters of chilled Ginger ale

(I put my sherbet in completely frozen, I just run the container under some warm water to get it out)

I found some fun skull ice cube molds to use for the party too! You have to look really closely in the picture to even be able to tell what they are.


Meaghan put this all together

THE FUN (games):

Meaghan organized a MAD GAB Halloween game, and did the guess how many in a jar. I came up with an game involving writing epitaph (grave stone inscription). I had everyone write four different words on four different pieces of paper and then mix all the words together. Then everyone drew four words. They had to include those four words in an epitaph. I cut out gravestone shapes and distressed them with a black ink pad, and that was what everyone wrote their epitaphs on. Then, they put them back in the basket, everyone drew one, and read their epitaph. There were some pretty funny ones. Meaghan also had some Halloween music playing in the background, and I suggested we turn it up and see who could come up with the coolest "Monster Mash" dance. Sadly, there were no volunteers...
'Til next year!

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  1. Very Good and creative! I read every bit and loved it!! Muy bien!


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