October 20, 2010

Bring your favorite restaurant home!

Last week, I started making sweet and sour stir fry, and then realized I had no pineapple! I didn't feel like looking up any other recipes, or making anything else. We called our favorite Chinese food restaurant and asked if they sold their sauces; we like their hot and spicy mango dish, and wanted to add that sauce to our chicken and vegetables we already had cooking.

They gave us one pint (or was it two?) for $2.50. When John picked it up, they threw in another sauce (ginger/garlic) for free. They said, "Here, try this too." Three containers of sauce all together! I didn't even use one whole sauce container for a whole skillet full of chicken and vegetables.

I love quick little fixes like that!

Some pizza places also sell you their crust for dirt cheap, you just have to roll it out and make your own pizza!

Have a favorite Italian sauce at a restaurant? Try calling them to get some, and pour it over your own noodles. You'd be surprised how inexpensive some things may be! You can feel like you're eating out at your favorite restaurant, but for a quarter of the price!!

Are there items at certain restaurants where you've tried this? Please share!

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