September 7, 2010

The Kid's Closet

I love a clean, organized closet. But, with kids, it's next to impossible to keep their closet clean and organized! We don't have a play room - all of their toys are kept in their room, except one small basket in the living room. So, we have to squeeze a lot into a little space. Behold, their closet; both function and fun:

When I moved Mallary into Trevan's room before Jonah was born, we had to make room for girly toys, and we were needing more space. We had all these big toys that didn't fit in the toy baskets in their room. So, my husband offered to build shelves. We had an old, cheap, entertainment center that we bought when we got married that was just occupying space in our garage. My husband just tore it up and made the boards work for the shelves. I also encouraged him to do a little dumpster diving in the construction waste that is around us, and he found the wood to make the brackets for the shelves. He finished them with paint we already had. I was ready to go to the store and just buy some shelves, and my husband saved us money! They are wonderful.

(An example of my OCD: What stands out to me in this picture is Trevan's shirt on the end, not hung up in the right place... But, that's okay. At least it's hung up...)

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