February 18, 2010

Using your cook books

I love cookbooks! That's probably even an understatement. Let's just put it this way, I have no room for any more cookbooks - I don't really have room for the one's I have. I really love reading cookbooks. I'd choose a cookbook over a novel most any day. Before I had two kids, I used to watch TV in the evenings, and read cookbooks at the same time. (Now, I just sleep on the couch with the TV on...)

A few years back, I came across a problem; I remembered seeing a recipe for a certain something I wanted to try, but couldn't remember which cookbook it was in. So, I had to search through dozens of cookbooks to find the recipe. I then came up with a solution. I started reading cookbooks with a pen and paper on hand. If I found a recipe I wanted to try, I would write down the title of the recipe and what page it could be found on. That piece of paper, with a list of recipes I wanted to try from that cookbook, was then put in the front page of the cookbook. (Really, I should tape it inside the cover - putting that on my to-do list.) Problem solved! Now, if I'm looking for something to cook, I can just browse my written lists inside the cookbooks.

I've found it really helpful. Do you have a system you use with your cook books?

Tomorrow, I'll post how I organize my recipes.

I know, you can't wait...

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  1. On one, in the back, I keep a list of what I've made, the page #, and how we liked it. I don't know why I don't do that with all of my cookbooks. On some cookbooks I make notations right by the recipe - like if it's good or bad. Especially bad because a few times I have made the same bad recipe twice, not remembering the first time!

  2. I write in my cookbooks too, especially if I what adjustments I made.

    I sometimes put post it tab bookmarks in my favorite cookbooks so I can find my favorite recipes easily. My favorite all time cookbook is The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. My brother and his wife gave it to me and they have it too. We compare and share recipes together. (Just wish they lived closer so we could actually share the results!)

    Love the new banner!

  3. I forgot to add that, I totally put a big fat 'x' through a recipe that I don't think is worth making again. The first recipe I ever did that to was a mayonnaisse cake I made in college. Yuck!


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