December 7, 2009

New Couch Pillows - Etsy Seller Feature

Here is my first consumers review on this blog:

I love me some orange and green items. It's been hard to find orange and green decor to go in my orange painted living room.

My friend forwarded me a picture of a pillow she saw on Etsy that she thought I would like, and I loved it, but it was the wrong color, but I loved the pillows that I saw in that Etsy store. So I contacted the seller, and let me tell you, this Etsy seller was wonderful, I told her what I was looking for, and she found and gave me fabric samples to choose from, ordered fabric, and custom made me two orange pillow covers!! She was so great to work with, and totally went out of her way to help me! Sure, I could have made my own pillow covers, but having her make them saved me time, and saving me time saves me money. Instead of driving all over the place searching for the right pillows or the right fabric, she did it for me for a GREAT price!! Saved me time and money!!!

Her pricing is so great, her work was so well done, and she offers some really fun prints in pillow covers!

Check out her store:

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